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Client Projects

These are samples of projects for different Clients where particular parameters had needed special care.

Production Stream
One cllient had a project to refurbish a very large piece of equipment (1200 tonnes of mechanical machine) in a AUD$1/2m per day production stream.
It was thought that the best method to execute the work was to use Day rates in order to get the best quality result.  A bugdet was set along with a time period.
As the scope could be clearly defined in the final objective, a proposal was made to complete the tender using the normal tendering process with a scope that defined the critical outcomes for a fixed lump sum tender with a Contractor defined program. 
This tendering structure opened new possibilities, the success of this process can be measured by handing back 30% of the budgeted cost and 50% of the time the machine was out of service.
The Goals were clearly set, the path had obsticles,  that were made obvious, weather, access and others, by making the path clear with the different obsiticales the tenderers were able to set out all that was needed to complete the whole objective.  The end result was a outcome that all parties agreed to be a great result. 

Project Breakaway
This Project had already broken away like the colt from "Old Regret". Costs and time were outside the original parameters.  The project markers all showed that targets were no longer achievable.  Then bad turned to worse as the delivering company fell apart completely, the Administrators were  called in. 
The Task is now to finish and deliver, or all would be lost.
Taking over where normality was nowhere to be seen, the rules were very different, the l oss of production being very expensive. 
With 50% + of the plant still to be fully designed and constructed, t he control plans were prepared to implement the and progress all the way until complete.
Leading the team through the recovery cycle using their skills focusing on all the positives produced the best result.  Continuation of construction without demobilisation, plant commissioned and operating.

Project Breakdown
This Client changed the core business structure and suffered the inevitable effects of losing staff mid stream in the critical phase of the project.  This task is to revitalise the project, to provide the leadership and purpose to the daily activity.  The Project was in finacial Schedule distress to both the Client and the Plant Owner .  The Plant Owner was very reasonable but under threat of significant losses that would result from the plant being off line longer than scheduled.   Liquidated Damages were going to be applied.

Reforming the team, identifying the Plant Owner's needs planning setting the objectives the project was restored to a positive cash position and return lost time to the satisfaction of the Owner with no cause for LD's.

A long term relationship was formed from this project.

The real value of Safety
It is so good to see the real value of safety being recognised.  A repeat Client had a tall (35m) heavy machine (2000t) that had a simple component worn out in need or replacement.  This machine is a fundamental part of the production stream.
The basics of the chageout were of little consequence.  Take out the old one, put in the new one.
Conventional systems would have the job done in 7 days with some very strict procedures to be observed. 
The important details are that it's 30m up, underneath a large structure with no good attachment points available, over water.  Conventional lifting needed very special procedures to guarantee no uncontrolled movements.
Searching for a better method captured the risks removed the procedural controls and the job came in at 3 days and even with the extra preparation costs, under the planned budget. 
In summary it turned out that the system was quicker and cheaper using the non conventional purpose built systems.   The risks all became very easy to manage.  Safety doesn't always cost more.

Safety Note
Just for the record, one client recently recorded lower safety statistics for the Site Construction crew than the head office!  It can be done. 

If you would like to know more detail on any of these items please make contact with Andrew.  The information is referable.

A long term relationship was formed from this project.