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Development has real meaning when it changes the way we think not just the way we do things.

Development ought to be measured by the benefits recieved.


Creativity, Innovation, Change all began at the beginning of time 

Is it time for you to participate?


Project Controls, are the mainstay of project management.  Controls must be tailored to the project, capturing each and every critical element where necessary.

Project audits are available to confirm any of the following:

  • have the critical elements been identified
  • are your management plans in place, what plans are needed
  • are the risks adequately identifed, managed and communicated
  • are the personnel able to deliver the required elements
  • does your organisation chart clearly define the roles and boundaries
  • is your project budget achievable
  • are the reglitory requirements adequately addressed
  • will the project be available compliant to the schedule
  • does the schedule adequately address the coordination of activities
If you need to be assured of any aspect of your project, this service will establish the health of your project with tangilble reports. Allowing you to act where action is needed or return a comprehesive health check to the Owners.