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Development has real meaning when it changes the way we think not just the way we do things.

Development ought to be measured by the benefits recieved.


Creativity, Innovation, Change all began at the beginning of time 

Is it time for you to participate?


Have you heard a good definition of what project management is?

'Normal' is the your day to day activity and is generally your routines, you can just rise and do it, it may be complicated and intricate, but it is your usual business routine and for the larger part it is the same as the last time it was done.  

A project; could be anything other than what you normally do. So if there was anything different to what you do reguarly that needs; new costs, expenses, methods, thoughts, training, processes, tools or equipment and the like, it could be a project A Project has a change involved, and so the change is the project.

Management is an over rated word. everybody does it at some level every day.  Some manage to get out of bed while others manage to run a multi national company or a nation, some a preschool, a high school class or a sewage treatment works and the list is endless.  But manage is what we all do.
Could management be " what we do to make it happen".

Would that make project management "the manner of making a change happen"?

Some Projects are not expensive but can be so integral to a major business that they are delicate and the cost of failure can be more than the cost of the project many times over.   This then is the nature of the project.  A large expensive project can be far easier than a low cost but complicated and intricate project.

The Project may not be the hard bit, it is then more likely that the people are the challenge to manage.
This is all to make room for some questions like these:
  • So how will you choose to make your project happen?  
  • to whom will you choose to entrust it?